LeaderBits turns your direct reports into influential leaders so you get more done.

Humans have the ability to mimic other humans. When your direct reports do what great technology leaders do, the performance of your team is upgraded and you get better results faster. 

Our Story

“Growth and comfort do not coexist.” – Ginni Rometty, CEO of IBM


Hi, I’m Joel Beasley. I made the transition from quiet introverted engineer to the Host of the #1 TechnologyLeadership podcast in the world Modern CTO. I know first hand how difficult it can be as a technology leader.
Every day I speak with those who’ve gone from individual contributor to the CTOs of Microsoft, Verizon, VMware. We discuss C-Level Leadership skills and advice for how those transitioning into team leader roles.
We created LeaderBits so you could copy the behaviors and actions of great leaders to become a better leader faster. For engineers to Level up into leadership, for team leads to Accelerate as leaders and for executives to Master C-Suite technology leadership. 

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Built for SMBs

SMBs use LeaderBits to transform their technologists into world class Leaders.  We see a world where technologists are known as excellent leaders, communicators and for their vision.

Our Programs

How we can help.

Level Up Into Leadership. #lion

Made for individual contributors who want to level up into leadership. Gain confidence, improve communication and level up into leadership. Is this what you’re looking for?

Accelerate as a Leader. #jaguar

Made for team leaders and new technology executives.  Want to do better than average? Get up to speed with what leaders at your level are doing to accelerate their companies and become more valuable in the process.

Master Leadership. #unicorn

Made for Executive technologists CTOs, CIOs leading companies with hundreds or thousands of individuals. Looking for an edge? Stay current with tactics and strategies your peers are executing while keeping the essentials in view.

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