Introducing – Better Leaders Faster. Creating a way to raise up next generation of technology leaders in our companies. Why? Because great leaders grow companies.

How it works

No Login
Every 3-5 days you get a LeaderBit via Email. #authLinks

Watch + Reflect = Experience
You watch a short 3-5 minute video we call a LeaderBit where Joel teaches a fundamental leadership topic in a simple, engaging way. A written version is also available.

Relevant Topics
Topics Relevant to Engineering Technical Management Culture. LeaderBits Inspired by the most respected technology leadership books, talks and CTOs.

In their own words
Reflect on the LeaderBit through a Reflect DB Entry. This way you can see actual experienced gained with a leadership skill.

Reward System
Get rewarded and progress on the path of Leadership.

Identify & Grow Leaders

Watch as your team grows into leaders. Explore each team member and experience in their own words

Update: Follow our vlog watch us build this company from day 1. Youtube

Origin story

On the Modern CTO podcast I talk CTOs everyday who have traversed the path from engineer to technology leader.

As their companies grow it becomes more difficult to find great leaders to lead their teams. LeaderBits is designed to solve this problem by creating a way to identify, resource and develop technology leaders within your organization. #BetterLeadersFaster

The next generation is hungry for advancement. If you don’t provide a path to leadership for these people, they will go somewhere else to play a bigger part.

Let’s solve this problem together.

We are looking for companies with 20+ people on their tech teams who want to solve this problem with us. This isn’t about us having a “product” it’s about raising up great leaders in our companies. If this is a need, you as the market need to join us on this adventure.


People need higher level goals in life. They need to see their career progress. This makes it possible and bring benefits to everyone involved.

You’ll be able to:

  1. Contribute to solving a problem of raising up great technical leaders.
  2. Identify employees who are driven and consistently consuming high quality leadership content.
  3. See the actual experience they are gaining from it in their own words
  4. Craft a culture where employees continuously learn and practice positive leadership habits as a way to rise inside your organization.

Join us and let’s solve the problem of growing great leaders in our companies.