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Hi, I’m Joel Beasley the Host of the #1 Technology Leadership podcast Modern CTO and Author of the book Modern CTO. 


After being a leader in technology for over a decade I shared the experiences that took me from developer to technology leader in my first book Modern CTO.


I became obsessed with what make the greatest technology leaders great. I went around the world and interviewed 135 of the greatest leaders in technology on this planet. From Startups to Billion dollar companies like Microsoft, T-Mobile, and VMware.

Talking to & Learning from

Greatest CTOs on Earth

I’ve interviewed the top ctos in the world to find out exactly how they think about technology leadership.

From these interviews I’ve collected and distilled over 70 common skills and experiences. However, after reading every book on technology leadership and leadership in general I realized I didn’t know much. We forget what we learn unless we take action with that knowledge.


A pattern emerged…

Learning from a book or course is mostly forgotten, no action is taken in the real world. The format doesn’t make sense because the material was out-of-context and off-site never allowing you to take action. And you only GAIN experience when you take action with knowledge. I needed a better way to upskill myself.


After building the solution, and seeing the need in the market with the continuous flow of technologists reaching out for help from the show I knew this was something I had to do.

I made the decision to build a technology leadership program that was logical. One where you spend 3 minutes learning, and immediately take action so that you gain real experience in 10 minutes once per week. Over the course of a year you’ll gain 52 real experiences in leadership executing the skills of the greatest technology leaders on earth.

Enterprises began to adopt LeaderBits. 

We quickly discovered that when we deploy LeaderBits to a company it gives the company the unique ability to see exactly who is interested in growing as a leader and see how they think about leadership based on how their Reflect DB entries.


There were many benefits we discovered like the ability to promote leaders who are ready versus tenure. Gaining a competitive advantage which recruiting as LeaderBits is “the path to more” at the company. With LeaderBits companies say “If you want to level up into leadership, engage LeaderBits. Engage with the same skills that the greatest leaders in the world used to go from individual contributor to the C-Level.”

Then we opened up to individuals.

After the initial success in the Enterprise version of the Leadership Program, I’ve release a version that is for individuals who want to grow as leaders. That is the program you are reading about right now.



Leaderbits team

Now We Are Growing

Now we are growing our team, customers and engagement.

There are many great changes as we grow like the Gamified aspect, the Community pieces, Leadership Conference and that you get a dedicated Leadership Advisor to walk you through the entire program.


Made by the current generation, for the next.

This is everything that I wish I had making the transition into leadership. An entire generation did it the difficult way and now I’ve collected all the information to make it easy for others to level up. The trail has been blazed, now you simply have to make the decision to walk it.


Are you in?


Joel Beasley

Founder LeaderBits.io & Modern CTO

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Joel Beasley 2018 Member Forbes Technology Council
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Joel Beasley #14 on Top Entrepreneurs List 40 under 40 2018. “Discipline is a pre-requisite to success in business.”

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Inspired by best technology leaders on earth.

We’ve interviewed and extracted challenges from the top technology leaders in the world. Individuals who’ve gone from individual contributors to the leaders of the largest companies on earth.

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