About Us

We are LeaderBits

  • We build things of quality, think in terms of decades.
  • We vibe well as a team and feel comfortable with each other
  • We don’t complain
  • We do the little things right
  • We value consistency over intensity
  • We find what works and double down on it.
  • We never give up. Keep going, get back up, we’re just getting started. #day1
  • We believe It’s the greatest time to be alive in life, #showGratitude.
  • We are welcoming and helpful to new team members.
  • We believe who we work with affects who we become.

A collection of people doing what they love

Origin Story

How we became leaders in our industry.

We started as the Modern CTO podcast. After interviewing hundreds of successful leaders who all started at the bottom, we identified the patterns and habits that got them to the top.

Listeners of the podcast asked for an easy, scalable way to align a leadership development program with their culture. They wanted it to be effective and not require much time for the participant. We listened.

Today we’ve trained 2,398 leaders across the globe at the most successful companies on earth.

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