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Accelerator programs focus on your mastery and grow in your current role. It’s time to take yourself to the next level and discover a new you.

How to Accelerate as a Leader


Leader Accelerator

You are currently a leader looking for an edge to grow your influence and excel in your role. This program is handcrafted specifically for you.

Price: $3,000  | Payment Options

Duration: 6 and 12 month options.

First Time Leader

You’ve just been promoted to run a team and you want to do well as a new leader. This is the program for you.

Price: $1,500 | Payment Options

Duration: 3 month program

CTO/CIO Mastery

Your a C-Level technology leader who leads over 100 people. There aren’t many of you in the world. Learn and grow with your peers by taking action on the latest technology leadership insight.

Price: $5,000  | Payment Options

Duration: 6 and 12 month options.

Individual Contributor & Technical Mastery

You don’t want to take the people manager track but you still want to advance. Become the most influential technologist in your speciality in our program.

Price: $1,500 | Payment Options

Duration: 6 or 12 months.

Developer to CTO

You’re a developer who just became CTO. You want to be the best CTO you can be as your company grows. This program is exactly what you’re looking for.

Price: $2,500  | Payment Options

Duration: 6 and 12 month options.

Payment Options

Single Payment option: Standard pay in full option.

Monthly Payment option: 50% down / remaining payments spread across 6 months. 

Message from our Founder
“Growth and comfort do not coexist.” – Ginni Rometty, CEO of IBM 

Hi, I’m Joel Beasley.
I know exactly how to get from where you are at today to the next level.
Every day I speak with world class leaders who’ve gone from individual contributor to the CTOs of Microsoft, Verizon, VMware. We discuss everything from C-Level Leadership skills to advice for how those transitioning into their first time leader roles.

We all wish we had someone dedicated to our growth during our journey. Many people out there are repeating this difficult process of growth alone. Wouldn’t it be great if a program existed specifically to accelerate you to the next level? LeaderBits is built just for you.


Together we will get you to the next level. Take a look around the page, ask questions and then join. Your future self will thank you.


Talk soon,

How we built the program:

Inspired by best technology leaders on earth.

We’ve interviewed and extracted advice from the top technology leaders in the world. Individuals who’ve gone from individual contributors to the leaders of the largest companies on earth.

How the program works.

After your application is accepted, you’ll meet with a leadership advisor and begin your onboarding process.

Part 1: Onboarding

During the onboarding process, we will get to know you and your specific situation. Who are your colleagues, your stakeholders, how do you communicate value, what are your current responsibilities, where are you today exactly and where do you want to be? All the questions that we need to position you for success in your transition.

Part 2: Personalization & Strengths Assessment

Next you’ll begin with a leadership strengths assessment which determines your areas of strengths as a leader. In our program we’ll focus building you up on the essential areas and building upon your strengths. This is unique and personalized to each individual.

Part 3: Their first challenge begins!

After the onboarding process is complete you’ll begin your first leadership challenge. These are weekly interactive video challenges that will grow you as a leader. Each challenge features a famous CTO like the CTO of NASA or Microsoft who you’ll learn from directly. 


Challenges are interactive videos that drive both action and reflection. The challenge is split into three parts:


We source our advice through interviews on the Modern CTO podcast with the greatest technology leaders in the world, such as Microsoft, NASA, Symantec and more.

We’ve already spoken to over 200 of the greatest tech leaders in the world, so we have plenty of content. We make a short clip of their best advice for our challenge.


While books and other programs contains lots of great information, the LeaderBits difference is the ability to act on the information within a 10 minute window.

We give you the exact steps on how to take action on the advice, and our advice is cross-checked for effectiveness.


At the end of the challenge, you’ll have a fun extra credit question. Example: “If you could have any 2 superpowers what would they be and why?” It keeps your leader engaged and is a motivating way for them to end their ten minute challenge.


A designated area for reflection: The Reflect DB

After the challenge you’ll make an entry into the Reflect DB where you’ll get feedback each week directly from your leadership advisor. We are always here for you every single week during this program to ensure your success as you level up.


From giving credit, to communication and strategy, we have a wide array of challenges. The challenges you’ll receive will be specific to your needs from the personalization in the onboarding process. You won’t have any trouble completing the challenges due to difficulty. 

We’ve put 100’s people just like you through these challenges and are confident in your ability to execute them. Remember, we have an application process so we never accept anyone who isn’t capable. If you’re accepted into the program we’ve determine you have exactly what it takes to thrive in the program.

Below are examples of challenges:

Topics: Communication, Problem Solving, First Time Leader, Culture, Learning, One on One, Empowerment, Accountability and Training. Visionary, Business,Craft, Discipline, Process, Team Structure, Team Management. Strategy, Stress, Creativity, Personal Development, Personal Care, Time Management

Your Dashboard

Your dashboard shows you your progress. See your experience multiply. Watch as all the actions you take over time compound and add up.

Real Human Leadership Advisor

Yes, you’ll be meeting with a real person every 6 weeks to go over your progress and that same person will be engaging with you each week as you complete your leadership challenges. Providing you feedback every step of the way.


Helps ensure your accountability by reminding you when you miss challenges as well as keeps you motivated by continually showing you how you hard work has compounded throughout the program.

Measurable Results

Everything we do is measurable so we can accomplish our mission of better leaders faster. We run surveys before and after participating in LeaderBits to show the effectiveness. Below is an example.

On the left you’ll see the 360 survey results from before LeaderBits and on the right after. After LeaderBits we saw an increase in how the team viewed the leader. Also, we saw a 200% increase in the leaders confidence in their ability to lead.


They leveled up, and so will you.

Individual contributor gets rejected then becomes team lead.

Jason is an individual contributor with strong technical skills but wants to advance and keep growing in his career. Deep down Jason knows he has a greater potential than where he is at today. His boss stat him down to deliver the bad news… Keep reading Jasons story.


Jason: I didn’t get promoted and I was suppose to be, instead they hired someone from the outside to lead the new team. Why was I passed up? I was frustrated venting about this to a friend of mine on the other side of town. He told me to checkout the ModernCTO podcast. I started listening to all of these great leaders who had made the transition from individual contributor to leaders of these large companies. Then I heard a guest on the podcast talk about how they use LeaderBits to level up their people.


I watched a few videos about the program and then decided to meet with one of the Leadership advisors. I was hesitant from the cost of the program but then realized it’s about what I pay for personal training so I just saw this as training for my career. The only difference is that if it worked I’d make more money and that isn’t true for hitting the gym.


Meeting the the Leadership Advisor was fun, I got Allison as my Advisor. She asked me about where I’m at today and where I want to be. She learned about my exact situation, who was on my team, who the leaders where I report to. Then she developed a strategy so that I keep showing them value and improvement consistently over time so that the next time an opportunity came they would know i’m capable and i’ve been working hard for it.


Onboarding went smooth, I began taking action with the challenges immediately. The 2 leaders I report to were skeptical at first, but they were happy that I was doing more than my peers. About week 6 they became flat out impressed with my commitment and progress in the program. 3 months after starting the program Kevin and Nick came to me and said another team was opening and they would like to offer me the position instead of hiring externally.


I was ecstatic, and a bit surprised that it actually worked. But from a logical perspective it makes sense. Because they could see my capabilities and desire to grow and improve they were confident in my ability to lead. Without making my ability tangible I was just another team member that “wanted more” but had not done anything to showcase my abilities for the role. That’s why i’m grateful to have found LeaderBits. Now i’m in a higher level program and plan on moving from team lead to managing multiple teams.

Team lead hustle and became Director/VP

Abigail was comfortable running a team, but now she’s managing people who manage teams with 20+ people under her. She’s not slowing down anytime soon, but she needs some help mastering this new level. Keep reading abigail’s story.


I was in year 3 at my company had gotten to a good level managing my own team and 2 others. But during the growth we brought in a lot of “top people” from big brands that made it more difficult for me to advance quickly. How can I compete for a “engineering director” against a form Uber and Google employees the recruiters keep bringing in?


Just 3 years ago I was an entry level engineer but I’ve been working hard and learning, I’m ready and I deserve more. I had been reading the books, attending workshops and conferences, my teams were happy and productive. How could I be doing everything right yet still not be the first pick for a higher level position? I posted on twitter and got referred to LeaderBits by a friend who told me “they level you up, that’s their entire job”


Poking around the site I found a video talking about how to level up. The video talked about how to get experience at the next level without holding the position. It made sense and gave me a new perspective. I decided to give it a shot and signed up.


I met with a leadership advisor Jim who was professional and friendly. We discussed everything about my company, my teams, my story. He really understood who I was and what I wanted. The best part is I didn’t feel alone or like I was beating my head against the wall. I felt like I had someone on my team now to support me on my journey.

I began the program which is based on weekly actions and then meeting every 6 weeks with Jim to check on the progress. The program is completely customized to me which I really like. I also enjoy “LeaderBot” which holds me accountable, reminds me when i’m falling behind because work got too busy and I forgot to do a challenge.


After 7 months in the program keeping the value in front of my leader I still wasn’t leveled up and was starting to get nervous. However looking back on the 28 weeks and challenges I had completed I felt amazing and confident in my abilities It’s amazing how my experience compounded so fast.


I met with Jim to share my frustration and he agreed I was ready. So we developed a strategy for me. We determined exactly how I would leverage my Reflect DB entries for an official “Ask”. I was incredibly nervous but Jim coached me and prepared me. I went in for the “Ask” to my CTO, confidently with a strategy and my track record of growth.


Mark, my CTO was impressed. Scanning over my documents nodding up and down. He said “Okay, let’s level you up, I’ll need a day to figure out the details and get an offer together.” We shook hands and the following week I had a raise, a handful of new responsibilities along with a new title Director of Platform Engineering.

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