Accelerator Programs

Our accelerator programs focus on your mastery and grow in your current role. It’s time to take yourself to the next level and discover a new you.

Individual Contributor & Technical Mastery

You don’t want to take the people manager track but you still want to advance. Become the most influential technologist in your speciality in our program.

First Time Leader

You’ve just been promoted to run a team and you want to do well as a new leader. This is the program for you.

Leader Accelerator

You are currently a leader looking for an edge to grow your influence and excel in your role. This program is handcrafted specifically for you.

Developer to CTO

You’re a developer who just became CTO. You want to be the best CTO you can be as your company grows. This program is exactly what you’re looking for.

CTO/CIO Mastery

It’s the moment you’ve been waiting for, you’ve been working hard and climbing, you’re almost to the top. We are here to guarantee your successful transition into the C-Suite.

Trusted by Technologists

LeaderBits is currently used by engineers, executives and technologists at the best companies.