Joel Beasley Entrepreneur 40 Under 40

This has been the best year of my life. I’m so happy I get to talk to great technology leaders every day and help other individuals transition from individual contributors to leaders. ?? #entrepreneur #leadership #technology #engineer #geek #leader #forbes Snippet Joel Beasley, Host , Author and CTO.  ( Joel Beasley is the host of the […]

Week #2 Update

What a week for Week 2. Reducing the amount of time between the Idea and taking the product to the market is the #lean principle. We want to build things people love and bring them value. A few videos from our daily video blog this week so you can follow along with us on this journey!

What we’ve learned & progress this week.
1. First LeaderBit Recorded
We had to get a camera Canon DSLR for video along with a teleprompter this way my eyes are looking at the right spot for the video.

Week #1 Update

So excited and thankful for you following along on this journey. This is week one of our completely transparent MVP. We are setting out to solve the problem of technical experts transitioning into leadership.

What we’ve learned this week.
1. Up & Running
We got the Logo done on 99 designs in 1 day. We installed rails and got a basic project setup, a github setup and a heroku account all ready to go. Jake wears and professional Starwars shirt — Those exists? Yes! Doing a video test for the LeaderBits MVP videos.