It’s all about the people

Result driven, outcome based platform.

Baseline - Survey 360.

We evaluate your strengths as a leader to develop customized learning path, organizes the challenges based on the exact areas to improve and grow as a leader.

Consistency VS Intensity

We send the challenges at the same time each week through email with Auth links so that your leaders develop a habit. “Fridays at 8am I set aside 10 minutes to improve as a leader”

What does a challenge look like?

 Anatomy of LeaderBit 

What happens after a challenge?

Reflect DB – See what people think, creates 360 community. Peers mentors mentees.

Leadership Analytics

Analytics Dashboard

See the actions your leaders are taking in their programs and with their teams as they complete challenges.


Accountability Mode.
Turn this on to hold your leaders  accountable for improving themselves. 

See for yourself

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Simply the best

Our content is known as the finest leadership development content in the world. See why.

Why choose LeaderBits?

Unique differentiators

Action Based
Never before has there been a program that is action-based. Your leaders will not just be “learning” they will be taking action on the best advice from the top leaders in the world.


Predictable improvement

We can show you the exact data of how we improve your people each week, the action they are taking and the effective. Other trainings aren’t effective because they are pure information without action.
Time Sensitive
You only need 10 minutes per week. It’s the exact amount of time necessary. 3 minutes to hear a piece of advice, and then 7 minutes to take action on the advice.
Credible & Respected
Only take advice from people who’ve won the game. Learn leadership from credible people like the CTOs of Microsoft, Verizon, Nasa and more.

Trusted by Technologists

LeaderBits is currently used by engineers, executives and technologists at the best companies.

Our Mission. One Focus. #Experts

Leadership & Professional Development for technologists.

We transition individual contributors to team leaders, to leader of leaders, into the C-Suite.

Our mission is to resource and raise up the current and next generation of technology leaders. We are niche, we are passionate and it’s what we live for.

Intelligent Business Case

We make it easy to buy LeaderBits. You need a business case clearly defined answering the need, showing the results. We make it easy to:

  1. Communicate the business case to your team for unified buy-in.
  2. To purchase and deploy LeaderBits.
  3. To get the results we’ve gotten for other companies.

Value first mentality.

We are results & outcome driven. You can see exactly the change we create in organizations. The graphic on the right is real action these technologists took on their path to more.


The only way to learn leadership is by leading yourself, then others. LeaderBits has individuals take action, gain experience and level up into leadership. 

Unique Advantages

You aren’t alone, neither are your technologists. Our team actively participates and brings value to your people. We are built without the need to integrate or go to “another place”. Algorithms are great, people are better.

Our value is clear. Our process is simple. Let’s talk.