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Discover how LeaderBits can create meaningful impact on the professional development and people skills for your tribe.

Benefits of LeaderBits

Great leaders aren’t born, they are made.
Gain certainty knowing your leaders are taking action each week doing the same things that make great leaders great.
Reduce your stress. 
Increase quality and quantity of output from your department with better leaders. Ship better code faster and develop stronger technology systems. 
Raise the Bar
Set the standard as a company who is always improving and you’ll attract a passionate group of continuously improving people.
Made for technology Leaders
LeaderBits is the only program made specifically for technology leaders.

Platform & Experience


360 Survey

Each Leader takes a quick survey that allows us to develop customized learning path. Challenges are organized based on the exact areas each leader needs improve and grow.



We send the challenges at the same time each week through email with Auth links so that your leaders develop a habit. “Fridays at 8am I set aside 10 minutes to improve as a leader”


Leadership Analytics

Habit + Accountability = Success. Hold your leaders accountable for improving themselves, then provide them the resources to make it easy. There is no excuse for a leader to not take 10 minutes per week to improve as a leader.


Use Cases

 Use case: Connecting generations, succession planning.

We make it easy for your current leaders to engage with and prepare their successors and mentees for the next level. With LeaderBits your next generation of leaders bond with your current generation of leaders through leadership challenges. 
Use case: Community within the company.
Pull your leaders together and create leadership communities within your company. Bond over common experiences that are rooted in our unique leadership challenges. 
Use case: Action-based content for the space between
Your classes, workshops and in-person engagement are critical to your tribes success. But how do you keep the conversation going in-between trainings? Discover LeaderBits, Action-based micro-content for leadership. Take small actions each week as a leader to build momentum and keep their skills sharp.
You want useful, we’ve got it.

We have full API and xAPI so you can achieve what you need to look great easily. Use our content or our platform however you want. We are here to serve you.

Be bold, try something new.

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Leadership & Professional Development for Technologists. We identify and develop technology leaders from individual contributors to team leaders all the way to the C-Suite.

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