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This guide shows you exact the 3 steps you’ll need to level up into leadership.

1. Identify and Gain Next-Level Skills.

The difficult part about gaining skills is knowing the exact skills that you need to learn. Most people think to learn more technical skills and this is where they make the mistake.

What you’ll realize is once you are at the top, the tiny details of technical aspect of the work you are doing today becomes less important. What becomes the most important is understanding how to lead people, problem solve, and grow yourself through the challenges. These are the skills needed to level up and break out of your current orbit.

Learn the skills for the next level.

The way you do this is by learning the exact skills that are required for the next level. Then finding a way to refine them, to practice them. To tinker with them in development before taking them to production.

I do this by learning from others experiences, mostly through reading and conversations with people who are multiple levels ahead of me. Then I identify and extract the skills based on the lessons they learned getting to the level i’m trying to get to. Every time you or someone learns a lesson a skill is present. Then use the collection of these skills as principles to make your decisions.

Learn from the best.

Resource yourself with the best material form the best leaders on the planet. Then take this information and execute it. Make sure to show your work so you can show your current leaders exactly what you are doing to get more. that brings us to Step 2. Exactly how to do this.

Resource I’ve made for you: In the resources section below I’ll provide you a list of skills and resources you can use to get to the next level.

You’ve been where you are too long and it’s time to level up. There is no set amount of years until you can be a “Senior” this or “Chief” that. It’s a mentality that is backed up by experience.

2. Show your

Now if you want to level up you’ll need to show the people who are above that you have gained the skills. To do this you’ll need to keep a journal of your experiences and growth. The way I show my work is by creating “leadership challenges” from the skills which are exercises in executing the skills so that I gain experience. Think of it like making up a drill for yourself to execute. For football it’d be a play you’d execute.


Knowledge + Action = Experience


Track in the journal the day you learned the information, what you did with the information. This will allow you to build momentum and visualize exactly how much you’ve learned and what you did with the knowledge. This is because Knowledge + Action = Experience. Learning without doing is forgotten long term. We as humans remember what we do. The “leadership challenges” I make for myself create the experience.


Does this work? Let’s role play.


I want you to put yourself in the position of a leader. Imagine you are a leader at your company. How often do you think someone walks up to them and say “I want more, this is what I’m learning and this is what I’m doing with the information in order to achieve more. I’ll be consistently executing this improvement and updating you as I grow.” The answer is 1% of the time, more about this in step 3, the final step to leveling up. Consistency.


Resource I’ve made for you: In the resources section below I’ve provided a checklist and description of exactly how you can show you work so you can do what I do.

3. Consistency.


Last is consistency which is the most difficult and takes discipline. About 1% of the time in life this happens and this is exactly why everyone wants to be in the top 1%. If you are on a team of 100 you’ll maybe see this once in your career.


Exactly what to do

Repeat steps 1 and 2. Set recurring alarms in your phone to do this repeatedly over time.

To summarize, this is exactly what to do.


  1. Identify and gain the skills needed for the next level, hyper focus on those only needed to level up.
  2. Show your work. Visualize your progress and communicate to your current leaders you are growing and when opportunity arises you’d like it. Then boomerang and consistently show them time and time again what you are learning from your writings and how you gained the experience.
  3. Execute consistency. Keep doing this over and over. If you think it’s boring to repeat something over and over think of this. Winners win. Is it boring to be constantly winning and getting what you want?

Resource I’ve made for you: In the resources section below I’ve provided a checklist scheduled for you for the next 90 days. This way you can follow the schedule and level up yourself into leadership.


I’ve included some resources for you. These will help you replicate the 3 step process i’ve made above that will get you to the next level and into leadership.


  1. PDF Guide: Skills for the next level.

Examples of the different levels of skill you’ll need and where to find them. Skills / Books.


  1. PDF Guide: Show your work.

Provide tips on the exact ways to visualize the progress. Keep a journal, send updates regularly.


  1. PDF Guide: Rinse & Repeat Schedule.

Schedule on exactly how to and when to do it do you can follow it with precision and execution.