Jason's Story

Jason is an individual contributor with strong technical skills but wants to advance and keep growing in his career. Deep down Jason knows he has a greater potential than where he is at today. His boss stat him down to deliver the bad news… 

I didn’t get promoted.

I was suppose to be, instead they hired someone from the outside to lead the new team. Why was I passed up?

I was frustrated venting about this to a friend of mine on the other side of town. He told me to checkout the ModernCTO podcast.


I started listening to the podcast.

All of these great leaders who had made the transition from individual contributor to leaders of these large companies. Then I heard a guest on the podcast talk about how they use LeaderBits to level up their people.


I watched a few videos about the program and then decided to meet with one of the Leadership advisors. I was hesitant from the cost of the program but then realized it’s about what I pay for personal training so I just saw this as training for my career. The only difference is that if it worked I’d make more money and that isn’t true for hitting the gym.


Meeting the the Leadership Advisor was fun

I got Allison as my Advisor. She asked me about where I’m at today and where I want to be. She learned about my exact situation, who was on my team, who the leaders where I report to. Then she developed a strategy so that I keep showing them value and improvement consistently over time so that the next time an opportunity came they would know i’m capable and i’ve been working hard for it.


Onboarding went smooth, I began taking action with the challenges immediately.


The 2 leaders I report to were skeptical at first

they were happy that I was doing more than my peers. About week 6 they became flat out impressed with my commitment and progress in the program. 3 months after starting the program Kevin and Nick came to me and said another team was opening and they would like to offer me the position instead of hiring externally.


Standing out from the crowd.

I was ecstatic, and a bit surprised that it actually worked. But from a logical perspective it makes sense. Because they could see my capabilities and desire to grow and improve they were confident in my ability to lead. Without making my ability tangible I was just another team member that “wanted more” but had not done anything to showcase my abilities for the role. That’s why i’m grateful to have found LeaderBits. Now i’m in a higher level program and plan on moving from team lead to managing multiple teams.

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