This has been the best year of my life. I’m so happy I get to talk to great technology leaders every day and help other individuals transition from individual contributors to leaders. ?? #entrepreneur #leadership #technology #engineer #geek #leader #forbes


Joel Beasley, Host , Author and CTO.  ( Joel Beasley is the host of the #1 rated technology leadership podcast, Modern CTO.  As a best-selling author and an entrepreneur who has interviewed literally hundreds of CTOs – from startups to Microsoft and T-Mobile, Beasley has distilled the successful skills of top technology leaders.  Companies deploy these skills, according to Beasley, in the form of ephemeral weekly leadership challenges called LeaderBits. Beasley consistently encourages discipline.  “Discipline is a pre-requisite to success in business.  To do what needs to be done when you don’t want to do it is equivalent to a superpower,” says Beasley.  When you provide the path to more, according to Joel, “30% of your people will take it.  Pay attention to who is working for more and pull up those who constantly and continually improve.”  From his experiences, he has learned that “people are the most motivated when they are leveling up in life.  Provide them a way to grow by clearly describing what’s in it for them,” he says, and you will see them thrive.

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