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Made for you.

Made for Executive technologists CTOs, CIOs leading companies with hundreds or thousands of individuals. Looking for an edge? Stay current with tactics and strategies your peers are executing while keeping the essentials in view.

Tiger Wood, Michael Jordan, Serena Williams and all the other great athletes in the word continuously execute the basics while keeping tabs on the latest technique of their peers. Why? Because this is the formula of the greats.

Once you get to the top it becomes more difficult, there are less resources and the people who have the experience are even more busy running their enterprises. And thats exactly why I created LeaderBits.



Progress equals happiness.

You have to make progress to continue that sense of accomplishment, to continue to climb. You are the type to get to the top and that habit of incrementally improving is built into you already. LeaderBits is the exact content you are looking for to step up your game and keep your skills sharp.

Fast – Quick bits from your C-Level peers. Stay in the loop with condensed efficient 3-10min leadership exercises that are built around what the greatest technology leaders alive today are doing, today. #monkeySeeMonkeyDo

There is no where else on earth where you can learn this fast this effectively from your peers at your level. I’m talking CTOs/CIOs at Microsoft, Asana, VMware, Lenovo and the list goes on. This is the exact content you need to fuel your continuous improvement habit.


A few areas we focus on

  •  How to appeal to the next generation of talent.
  • How to execute the basics in interesting new ways.
  • How to leverage strategies for bottom line growth, competitor acquisitions, recruiting key players and more. It’s the level you’ve been waiting for.
  • How to blend advance technical & strategic concepts to achieve outcomes.
  • How to wield influence for peer buy-in. C-Level influence & decision making.
  • How to manage advanced structures teams of teams. Do you eliminate or add management layers? What is right for you as your company matures?
  • How to think like a visionary. Yes, thinking like a visionary can be taught. Learn how to get into the state of mind to envision a bigger brighter future.
  • How to redefine what hands on means and refuse the urge to be a technician.
  • How to achieve Publicity & Media Mastery. Get out there and be respected as an authority. Leverage your own experience in a natural way. Your tone and style are already developed, learn how to leverage it to grow your business, recruit and open new doors.


Want to step up your growth as a leader?

Do what leaders do, try new things. Give LeaderBits a try for 3 months and watch as your team begins to notice, peers begin to notice and you feel a sense of confidence from the accomplishment in your personal growth.


CTOs + Engineering Leaders


Most frequent questions and answers

Yes. Each challenge is designed to improve you and the actual work you are doing that day. All of our challenges are meant to be done before or during work and take 10 minutes or less.

Yes. LeaderBits is designed for you to improve on your own AND for you you groom your future leaders. Send them challenges, monitor their progress, coach them to be better leaders faster. *Available on the team account. Chat with us on the bottom right of screen for more information.

Video where Joel answers this question.

Immediately after you join you’ll get a quick overview and expectation from Joel on how the program is laid out. You’ll be on boarded into the program by your Advisor, a real person, within 24 hours.

Yes. You’ll have a video call on zoom every 4 – 6 weeks if you’d like. Some people like to do this by chat, others by zoom call. We let you choose.  Your advisors job is to answer your questions, provide guidance and order your challenges in a way that will grow you fastest.

Yes. 99% of companies offer an education budget for C-Level people of $15,000/year which makes our program ideal for you. 

The program starts the moment you join the program.

We guarantee you’ll gain real experience, learn the skills from the greatest technology leaders on earth and that you won’t go at it alone. We are here for you every step of the way.

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Leadership & Professional Development for Technologists. We identify and develop technology leaders from individual contributors to team leaders all the way to the C-Suite.

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