I’m a L&D professional.

You want to create real change, improve the culture, build up the next generation of leaders within the organization all while showing your value in an articulate, measurable way. Here are a few examples of what people like you have been able to achieve in our programs.

Closing the soft skills gap in engineering.

Communication wasn’t happening, the CTO tasked us with soft skills training but the engineers hated the sound of it. Later that week I was making food for my daughter and notices her vitamin gummies in the cabinet. That’s when i realized “vitamin makers figured out how to make nasty supplements fun, how can do this for soft skills?”

Reaching Technical leaders who were too busy to lead.

“We’ve got to work on the real problems” they didn’t say this directly but that’s how it felt. Getting the directors/vp/executives into a workshop or training was hard. They were on my side when it came to technical training but not leadership, management or people skills. Then last December, everything changed…

HR & CTO help first time leaders who aren’t speaking up.

Another manager churned? We lost another engineer? What’s going on? Everything was going good until we started scaling and the market got so competitive. Losing talent due to untrained  leaders was costing us big time, that’s when…

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