Dear <Approving Manager>,


I am writing to request funding and your approval to take part in the LeaderBits Leadership Program to gain the skills necessary to progress further in my career as a technology leader.


LeaderBits is deployed throughout enterprises all across the world. The experiences and insight I’ll gain from LeaderBits were created from and inspired by the best technology leaders on earth.  


The LeaderBits annual platform is designed based on how humans learn.  There are Live and Online events. There are engaging weekly leadership and craft mastery challenges all which create immediate action followed by a reflection upon said action. It’s not just learning and forgetting, it’s doing which creates real experience.


My goal is to make myself more valuable to <Company> and show that I have what it takes to get to the next level of leadership.  LeaderBits will help me to achieve this by sending my weekly reflections of leadership and experience gained from completing challenges directly to management.


Program Benefits:

  • Ask questions and learn directly from the greatest technology leaders on earth (e.g. Microsoft, T-mobile) in live online technology leadership conferences quarterly.
  • 1:1 Real Life context specific help from LeaderBits highly skilled, dedicated success mentor.
  • 52 Engaging weekly leadership and professional development challenges that create real life experience.
  • ReflectDB Visible Weekly Progress Tracker.  Used to gain points and achieve levels of mastery in specific areas.  See progress build up week by week and share with management so they can see the progression towards leadership.

Cost to Enroll:

  • $987 for 6 month Lion Leader Program 
  • $1974 for 12 month Unicorn Leader Program

This is an opportunity to get the training I need to help improve my operational excellence for our business.  If there’s any further information I can provide to support my request, please do not hesitate to ask.




<Your Name>