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Level Up Into Leadership.

I’m always improving.

For me it’s not about the extra money that you get as you advance into leadership. It’s more about the personal growth. I know I can achieve more and I know I can be better. Getting to that next level is what drives me.

Life is a lot like a video game, I’m a character and i’m always asking how can i improve, how can i upskill myself. How can I get ahead and win in this game called life?

I was an engineer who wanted to move forward but I wasn’t  exactly sure how. And that’s because it’s not incredibly clear. I’ve since figured it out so I’ll share with you exactly how to level up into leadership.

How to Level Up into Leadership

There are 3 components you’ll need to master in order to move forward.

The first component is that you’ll need to make sure you are learning the right skills. Preferably the skills from the people who have come before you who are really far ahead in this game of life running companies like Microsoft, Version and VMware.

The second component is you have to actively engage in the activities that people at the second level do without being at the second level. You’ll have to find ways to execute them regularly and show your work.

The third component is you have to continuously make the people around you aware that you want more, then that you are doing something to get more, third that you’re becoming competent in these next level areas. It’s very important that you do exactly these things in this order. It’s like baking a cake, there is a process and if you execute it correctly you’ll get the results.

Getting the title of leader is part one, the next part is excelling at the role.

You’ll need a 3rd party program or a way to improve that is independent of you because it is very difficult to do things alone.

We created this concept called LeaderBits where this is all we do. Take people just like you from individual contributor to team leader.

You’re an expert. 

You are an expert and have been doing well as an individual contributor because you are really good at your one thing, you do it all day right?

Well this is all we do all day. We speak to the greatest technology leaders in the world and we help individual contributors move into leadership and we are really good at it. It’s why companies with 10’s of thousands of engineers say great things about us.

How the Program Works.

The way the program works is very simple, it’s 10 minutes a week and you’ll perform a challenge so you gain right skills for the next level. This solves component #1 we listed above.

The way we solve component 2 is by our Reflect DB which allows you to show normally invisible work that you do to perform. How do you show that you improved as a leader, it’s tough but we figured out how to do it and it’s achieved through the Reflect DB.

The way we solve component 3 is by our leadership reports where we send your progress to your leader each week or each month.

This allows you to stay top of mind, when they think of you they will first think of how you’ve been making progress month over month in this technology leadership program and have seen your growth. The moment an opportunity comes up to advance they will suggest you because THAT decision will make THEM look good. They will have confidence in your abilities and look good to their peers for suggesting you.

Here are a few areas you’ll be learning in:

– How to achieve clear, concise communication. It’s 80% how you say it and 20% what you say. Achieve mastery of communication, a foundational trait of every great leader.

– How to leverage your LeaderBits Leadership Advisor who will be there for you every step of the way. Gain experience with the specific skillsets you need to master the transition from where you are at today to where you want to be tomorrow.

– How to master your craft while growing as a leader.

– How to grow both local and remote cultures for teams. Become influential in your interactions when working with others.

– How to master your time management by executing the skills of those who have made it to the top.

– How to gain the skills you need to learn faster and more efficiently. Execute proven problem solving strategies so they are second nature to you when big problems arise.

– How to quantify and highlight the value you are brining and the changes which are you are responsible for. How to show off hard work in a professional way.

– How to show your team and management you’ve put in the work, gained the skills and are ready for the next step.

Making the transition into Leadership.

This is how you’ll level up and transition into leadership, these components, this specific order and I guarantee you’ll succeed.

Want to be a leader? Do what leaders do, try new things.

Get started with LeaderBits and watch as your team begins to notice, management begins to notice and new opportunities come up in life.

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Most frequent questions and answers

Yes. Each challenge is designed to improve you and the actual work you are doing that day. All of our challenges are meant to be done before or during work and take 10 minutes or less.

Video where Joel answers this question.

Immediately after you join you’ll get a quick overview and expectation from Joel on how the program is laid out. You’ll be on boarded into the program by your success advisor, a real person, within 24 hours.

Yes. You’ll have a video call on zoom every 4 – 6 weeks if you’d like. Some people like to do this by chat, others by zoom call. We let you choose.  Your advisors job is to answer your questions, provide guidance and order your challenges in a way that will grow you fastest.

Yes. 99% of companies offer an education budget of $1500/year which makes our program ideal for you. How to ask: Here is a Request to Enroll letter for you to send to your approving manager.

Chances are they’ve already identified you as a “High Potential” or “HiPo” and have been waiting for you to take action. They will be thrilled to see that you want to progress become more.

Yes. The value of our ReflectDB is that you can show your managers that you want more and you’re putting the work in to level up.

The program starts the moment you join the program.

We guarantee you’ll gain real experience, learn the skills from the greatest technology leaders on earth and that you won’t go at it alone. We are here for you every step of the way.

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