Remember the first time you led a team?

When you move individual contributors into a team leader role they are untrained, new and impressionable. It’s critical to ensure that you have them mimic the behavior of great leaders. 

Untrained leaders are expensive.

Make sure that your new managers and leaders develop great leadership habits that align with your culture from day one.

Help your team avoid the same mistakes and pain you experienced, book a discovery call.

Measurable results.

Weekly value report

Measurable results are delivered directly to you! Weekly value reports allow you to not only see your team’s progress, but give you an in-depth analysis of actions taken and goals reached.

Leadership Analytics


Structured leadership program for your team: local or remote.

AI personality for accountability and motivation

Made for modern companies
Challenges based on advice for CXOs of NASA, Microsoft and Verizon.

Consistency over intensity, develop a habit of small improvements 10min each week.

Action based
Instantly drive the behaviors you want more of with micro-challenges.

5.7x ROI
Results you can show off to the CEO.

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