I’m a technology executive looking to invest in my team.

Congratulations on making the decision to invest in your team. We’ve helped many leaders grow their teams, which story resonates with you? 

Moving untrained people into leadership.

Wham! Out of nowhere Barry lost one of his best engineers and a friend, Mica, to a competitor. Barry’s company was in ultra growth mode topping 200 employees, everything had been going smooth the energy was up and Mica was happy, so what happened?

Investing in his best people changed everything.

Ryan has always strived to be better than average. Investing in himself over the years is how he got to the top of his company as CTO. He was investing in books, Conferences and it worked for a short burst, then it wore off, he was searching for a better way. After weeks, right before he gave up he heard…

HR & CTO help first time leaders who aren’t speaking up.

Another manager churned? We lost another engineer? What’s going on? Everything was going good until we started scaling and the market got so competitive. Losing talent due to untrained  leaders was costing us big time, that’s when…

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