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How was this program developed?

Hi, I’m Joel Beasley the Host of the #1 Technology Leadership podcast Modern CTO and Author of the book Modern CTO. 


After being a leader in technology for over a decade I shared what took me from developer to technology leader in my first book Modern CTO.


I became obsessed with what make the greatest technology leaders great. I went around the world and interviewed 135 of the greatest leaders in technology on this planet. From Startups to Billion dollar companies like Microsoft, T-Mobile, and VMware.




From these interviews I’ve collected and distilled over 70 common skills and experiences. However, after reading every book on technology leadership and leadership in general I realized I didn’t know much. We forget what we learn unless we take action with that knowledge.


Learning from a book or course is forgotten when no action is taken in the real world. You only GAIN experience when you take action with knowledge.



I made the decision to build a technology leadership program that was logical. One where you spend 3 minutes learning, and immediately take action so that you gain real experience in 10 minutes once per week. Over the course of a year you’ll gain 52 real experiences in leadership executing the skills of the greatest technology leaders on earth.


After the initial success in the Enterprise version of the Leadership Program, I’ve released a version that is for individuals who want to grow as leaders. That is the program you are reading about right now.


There are many great benefits to read below like the Gamified aspect, the Community pieces, Leadership Conference and that you get a dedicated Leadership Advisor to walk you through the entire program.


This is everything that I wish I had making the transition into leadership. I did it the difficult way and now I’ve made it easy for you to do it yourself. The trail has been blazed, now you simply have to make the decision to walk it.


Are you in?


Joel Beasley 

Modern CTO & Founder LeaderBits.io

How does the program work?

What makes this program unique and how exactly does it work?

Complete Challenges

Every week you’ll receive a new LeaderBit challenge in video form which is under 3 minutes. Each challenge takes less than 10 minutes to complete and ends with you gaining real experience. Isn’t gaining experience with a specific skill much better than learning about a skill and never using it?

Develop Professionally

Challenges will develop your knowledge in Business, Strategy and Psychology. This allows you to have a sharp professionally developed mind. Good way to spend 10 minutes a week, isn’t it?

Advance Your Career.

After a year you’ll have documented and obtained 52 experiences as a technology leader. These experiences export beautifully from the ReflectDB to serve as a portfolio of your leadership experience. That would be impressive to present when asking for more, right?

Gain Experience

LeaderBits is designed based on how humans learn. Each challenge contains Knowledge + Action for you to take resulting in an immediate Experience with a leadership skill. Would you agree that Knowledge + Action = Experience is a better formula than Long course + Forgetting = fun fact from the course?

Become More Valuable

In life, the more valuable to the market you are, the more money you make. The world has a shortage of great leaders. Are you ready to step it up and become more valuable to the market?


Watch as individuals at your organization become more and obtain leadership skills that will drive your business forward. Learn more about Enterprise.

Inspired by best technology leaders on earth.

We’ve interviewed and extracted challenges from the top technology leaders in the world. Individuals who’ve gone from individual contributors to the leaders of the largest companies on earth.

How do you guarantee my success?

We guarantee your success through making the program engaging, short (10 min per week) and fun. By learning the skills of the greatest technology leaders on earth bit-by-bit you will strengthen your leadership muscles and rise to the top.

Additionally we provide you a dedicated leadership advisor who will be with you every step of the way. When taking leadership training it’s always difficult because when you go to take action your situation is always context specific. We provide context-specific help every step of the way.

What is the program pricing?

How much does the program cost, what you will learn and the additional benefits are listed below.

Explain yourself!

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Most frequent questions and answers

Yes. 99% of companies offer an education budget of $1200/year which makes our program ideal for you. How to ask: Here is a Request to Enroll letter for you to send to your approving manager.


Chances are they’ve already identified you as a “High Potential” or “HiPo” and have been waiting for you to take action. They will be thrilled to see that you want to progress become more.

The program starts the moment you join the program.

Immediately after you join you’ll get a quick overview and expectation from Joel on how the program is laid out. You’ll be on boarded into the program by your success advisor, a real person, within 24 hours.

Yes. The value of our ReflectDB is that you can show your managers that you want more and you’re putting the work in to level up.

We guarantee you’ll gain real experience, learn the skills from the greatest technology leaders on earth and that you won’t go at it alone. We are here for you every step of the way.