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How do you grow and resource your existing technology leaders from good to great? I want you to think of the leadership of your last successful exit. How do you teach your current portfolio their positive behaviors?

Monkey See, Monkey Do.

As humans we learn through mimicking behavior: Monkey See, Monkey Do. What if there was a platform that allowed you to distill and communicate the behaviors you needed more of within your portfolio companies? This is exactly what LeaderBits does.

It’s not right for everyone.

LeaderBits is built specifically for technology companies. Do you have technology companies in your portfolio?  Then you’ll want to take a closer look.

Deploy LeaderBits, get technology leaders faster.

You deploy LeaderBits to your technologists and technology leaders emerge. See who engages, and what they think as they make entries into the Reflect DB.


  • Immediately see who is interested to grow as a leader
  • See persistence, as your people engage with the content over time.
  • Understand how an individual sees leadership before promoting them and “trying it out”.
  • Provide a path to more, to retain your best talent.

Experiencing Hyper-growth?

When companies within your portfolio grow rapidly it’s critical to resource the individuals being thrusted into leadership positions.

You can’t be with everyone all the time. New leaders are often the most shy to ask directly for help. They will try to “figure it out”. Not everyone has learned the power of being able to ask for help.

Great leaders grow companies. 

Right now there is an immediate and massive demand for technologists to transition into leadership roles. All across the globe technology companies are expanding and quiet discipline experts are making the transition from masters of their craft into running teams of engineers. 

High Demand, Low Resources. 

How do you identify and resource emerging leaders within your companies? How do you place leadership content in your environment so people who want to grow have it as an option to choose?

It’s time to Lead your people.

You are the Leader, it’s your responsibility to resource your tribes to do the job you’ve asked of them. You can’t force others to be better, but you can carve out a trail for the willing to walk.

Reach out to see how LeaderBits works and decide if it’s right for your organization.

Hi, I'm Joel Beasley
the Founder and CTO of LeaderBits.

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