So excited and thankful for you following along on this journey. This is week one of our completely transparent MVP. We are setting out to solve the problem of technical experts transitioning into leadership.

What we’ve learned this week.

1. Up & Running
We got the Logo done on 99 designs in 1 day. We installed rails and got a basic project setup, a github setup and a heroku account all ready to go. Jake wears and professional Starwars shirt — Those exists? Yes! Doing a video test for the LeaderBits MVP videos.

2. Distractions are everywhere
We got distracted on day 2 and we immediately stopped and made a video showing our distraction then posted it on YouTube. #FeatureCreep

3. We’ve designed our MVP wireframes 
Structuring the interface in the most basic way so we only put on the screen what is necessary to bring the value to the market. The value is the ability for the system to identify and develop leaders within an organization.

4. I’ve taken Gary V’s advice yet again!
Document don’t create is the best advice ever. Reading Gary’s latest book Crushing it part 2, I’ve decided to step it up and document heavier than we do on the ModernCTO podcast. Here is a quick update after writing 2 LeaderBits. My current pace is writing 2 LeaderBits per day. As of this writing i’ve done this successfully for 2 days in a row. Excited!

5. Spoke with Nir about Habit Forming Products
Nir is an amazing individual, if you haven’t read his book Hooked. I highly suggest doing so. The high level overview is to understand the principles of what creates habit forming products and distill them into a system so you can create habit forming products.

Meeting with Nir was for the Modern CTO Podcast, not the product. My good friend Derek gave me Nir’s book about 5-6 years ago. And I was a fan of it so I had Nir on the show. It’s just a great reminder while building LeaderBits to have his content infront of me. It sparked a lot of creativity and got us thinking of how to create LeaderBits to be habit forming.

 Buy this book on Amazon

Got distracted again.

We brain stormed for a minute, got a little distracted, reduced the whole conversation down to 1 simple idea we can put into the app to accomplish this in the most basic way. We then moved this feature to the front of the list for the first feature we will build after we have delivered the MVP as to not creep our own pipeline. This takes a lot of discipline and is a great exercise to be going through, practicing this will also be a LeaderBit.

Opening in Beta 5/7/18

We’ve had 15 companies join the Beta so far and it’s only been 4 days since we’ve announced it. $0 Spent in advertising just a few posts online. Very excited about this! MVP opens in beta May 7th, 2018. Those who are interested fill out the form below. First come first serve to onboard to the Beta.


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