What a week for Week 2. Reducing the amount of time between the Idea and taking the product to the market is the #lean principle. We want to build things people love and bring them value. A few videos from our daily video blog this week so you can follow along with us on this journey!

What we’ve learned & progress this week.

1. First LeaderBit Recorded
We had to get a camera Canon DSLR for video along with a teleprompter this way my eyes are looking at the right spot for the video.

2. Got the Base Rails App Setup
Fresh install of Rails 5 going testing all setup basic login feature up and running very excited

3. Ahi Tuna + Rails = Friday Night
Take a look at the first screens of the app in this clip.

4. (off topic update – personal) Forbes + Royalty = What happened?!
Forbes? Yes! Royalty Check? 100% – Almost forgot to make the video post today. Got out of bed #pajamas to give you the update.

5. White-boarding our data structure for MVP (raw unedited)

6. Beta update = No Sleep

Didn’t get much sleep this weekend. Have a rough video studio together which is good enough to produce HD video. Keeping it simple.

Working on the value proposition today. Going to present the value to the market, get early buy in from companies that experience this problem so we can solve it together. Looking forward to hearing what the market says. I’ve seen the problem heard it first hand multiple time over the past year. Really excited to see how people respond to LeaderBits when it’s more than just a beta to play with and it’s a problem we are solving together with our resources.

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